One of the main objectives of PEARL is the creation of an international network of teachers, experts, and institutions for the promotion of innovative and quality education in early childhood through the creation of an empathetic and emotional proximal learning educational environment. The PEARL network is a chance for its members to have a fruitful exchange with colleagues and experts from different countries, to improve their competencies, and to enlarge their vision on early childhood education and care.

The members of the network come from different countries and they have taken part in the project activities, they have received information about PEARL and they will bring on the project’s values and practices in their future daily activity. The members have been contacted during the whole project, through public and online meetings, they have participated at local and international events (workshops, training courses, multiplier events,…). The members and the project’s partners are committed to keeping this network active and open to newcomers after the end of the project. The list of schools and teachers of the network is without emails.   This is mainly due to privacy and spamming reasons. In case of need to get in touch  with the mentioned school and teachers, please, contact us by the main website contact link.

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