Dear head-masters, principals, pedagogues and teachers, we have the pleasure to present the final product of 3 years of work on the 0-6 years old pedagogy. The fruit of the European Erasmus+ Pearl project gets its origins from the European vision and experimentation of the values of the learning and “inclusive” communication of educating emotions process in a proximal learning “environment” favored by the use of educational robotics. In this white paper, we have combined the work and wisdom of Vigotskji, Montessori, Bandura, Piaget, Moreno and many other amazing wise persons to integrate their visions within our times and the dynamics of the world in which we concretize our work. It is a scientific work validated by dozens of Italian, Spanish, Lithuanian and Turkish schools never before carried out in Europe on the subject and it is our contribution to change the role of teachers and their vision in the classroom of those extraordinary thinking beings who often are just simply called “Children”.

Output 06- New Applied and Validated Educational Approaches and Model for Early Childhood Education 0-6 years old

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