The exploitation of a project is a process of transferring the successful results of the project to appropriate stakeholders in local, regional, national or European systems, and of convincing end-users to adopt and/or apply the results, starting at the end of the project. The purpose of this exploitation report is to provide a formal planning document for using and exploiting the gained knowledge throughout PEARL project life cycle and collecting the stekeholders already involved and the already implemented activities.

The main target group that have been involved for the future sustainability of the project have been:
    • 23 Schools
    • 2 International associations
    • 5 Associations of teachers or of schools
    • 3 NGOs
    • 2 Municipalities
    • 1 Educational guidance service
    • 2 Research centres
    • 1 University
    • 2 Directorates and Ministries of Education


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