Introduction: The PEARL Network is nested into the European Erasmus + KA 201 project that bears the same name. This network is a branch of “Nobody Less Community network” integrated by schools, NGOs and educational institutions believing in the importance of pro-social values one can find all over the world, as a pillar of this humanity and the world.

PEARL network represents a structured system of interconnected horizontal participation between teachers, pedagogs, psychologists, psycho-pedagogs, specialist in different fields related to early childhood education, parents, educational institutions, associations, all that are interested in promoting innovative and quality early childhood education based on prosociality, well being, understanding and expressing emotion, as educational good practice and experimented field.

The aim of this network is to create a community among its members and open to the world that fosters children’s growth through an empathetic and emotional proximal learning environment based on group activities, inclusive for all where everyone can find the way to express his own potentialities and talents, respecting all children growth.

By joining this network, as member, You will accept to be committed to:

  • To annually share any group activity that can contribute to create and reinforce the empathetic and emotional proximal learning environment in education.

  • To share the network’s activities within the institution the members belong to and to other institutions.

  • In the case of institutions, including the logo and link of this network on their website and social media.

  • Respect and adopt the prosocial values charter, available on

As a member of the PEARL network to be aware of:

  • Become automatically a member of the Nobody Less community network, having access to all initiatives promoted within that space.

  • Can participate in seminars, workshops, training courses at the world level.

  • Can participate and share good practices in a European and extra European context.

  • Will have the opportunity of getting involved in pilot researches and studies related to early childhood education.

  • Will have the opportunity to join initiatives promoted by all the members.

  • Can invite other institutions or individuals interested in the topic to join the network.

In order to join the network, you need to  fill it and then fill the application form here

The network has no entrance or annual fee.


Thank you

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