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Ouput 3 - Platform

The PEARL online platform is one of the central elements of the project to allow experimentation, discussion and sharing of the material produced throughout the project implementation period. The platform represents a dynamic space for the presentation of project activities, also acting as a repository of open educational resources (OER) active and accessible to all, training modules related to the themes of early education and activities produced within the project or uploaded online by the educators involved.
The platform will also be the network's active development tool par excellence, as a place for online dialogue and discussion on educational issues between teachers from the various countries, once the project ends. The platform will be kept active both as a space for discussion and as an environment for the construction of future related activities.

The platform is structured in various sections that allow visitors to orient themselves among the various outcomes of the project:
• the general description, where specific information on the project and dissemination materials (newsletters and articles) can be found
• the collection of project outputs, available to interested users
• the training course material
• the possibility of joining the network of teachers in the PEARL schools.
• Communication tools with and between teachers: blog and forum.

Detailed information about the platform contents and structure can be found at the following link: